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For over 8 years, we have been serving the pets and families of our local area.  Critter Care offers a variety of services catering to the needs of any and all of your animals. Whether you need services day-to-day, last minute, or if you're just heading out on the regular family vacation, Critter Care has you covered!  

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 Critter Care offers experienced Professional Pet Sitters to come to your house and take care of your pet's everyday needs. Our services give your pet the one-on-one attention they crave while you are gone! Be worry-free while you are away and call Critter Care today! 

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  • Dog Walks and Hikes
  • Kitty Care
  • Exotic Pet and Reptile Visits
  • Farm Visits
  • Overnights
  • Late Night Visits
  • Behavior Counseling
  • Last Minute Calls
  • Pup Playdates
  • Pet Taxi

About the Sitters

Our Sitters


Our sitters are the best of the best! We wouldn't put your pet in the hands of anyone who wasn't. Everyone who works for Critter Care has a minimum of 5 years prior experience working with animals and is given an extensive background check to ensure your home's safety while you are away. It's how we deliver on our promise of complete satisfaction.

What's more, every sitter has a passion for their work. They love animals and are committed to giving each client a delightful experience (and maybe a treat). You won't find dedication like this anywhere else.

About the Owner

Growing up Whytne always had pets in the house, so it was no surprise that she began working with animals as soon as she had the chance. She began pet sitting as soon as she was old enough to drive more than 10 years ago.

While always pet sitting in the background, Whytne spent four years working part-time in local Danbury/New Milford-area veterinary offices as a veterinary technician before she decided that she really wanted to branch out on her own.

In 2010 Whytne graduated from the Connecticut K-9 Education Center in Newington, CT where she studied dog training, kennel management and also became a CPDT Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She immediately began putting her acquired knowledge into practice. Whytne started the company Dog Obedience & Critter Sitter and later changed the name to Critter Care, after she felt that better described the essentials of her business.

Whytne also spent time working with the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, CT and acted as secretary on the Board of Directors in 2010-2011.

Whytne is a current member of Pet Sitters International. Whytne absolutely loves running her business. She wakes up each and everyday ready to spend time with each of the animals left in her care.


March 11, 2014

Dear Dog Lover/Owner;

Re: Whytne Hupchick and Critter Care

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Whytne Hupchick, CPDT or Critter Care. I am writing to share my experience with Whytne, who has given exceptional care to our two dogs Eva Gabor and Merv Griffin since October, 2013.  Whytne and Crittter Care came to us through a referral at our complex office, Crown   Point.  We had just rescued 2 new puppies and within a few months needed someone to come in and walk them while we were in NYC celebrating my birthday and also to walk and to exercise them while we are at work.  On several occasions, I also scheduled Whytne for last minute visits, when work or life required that we be out in the evening or business travel and Whytne was always very accommodating.  Most recently, we scheduled Whytne for an overnight with our dogs while we traveled.Our puppies are Chihuahuas, full of energy, sweet and just a little stubborn.  Whytne plays with them, is wonderfully patient and loving with these two dogs. In addition, Whytne is exceptionally dependable.  Since she began assisting us with our dogs, she has never called to say that she had to cancel even during the 13+ snowstorms this winter. I recommend Whytne and Critter Care highly to you as a caregiver for your pets.  She has been a great help to us, allowing us to enjoy our dogs, even with the demands of a busy work life!


Indira P. & Kevin O. 

 July 7, 2010

Re: Whytne Hupchick

To whom it may concern:

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Whytne Hupchick who has worked for me as a house sitter and pet care giver for the past 5 years. Whytne is extremely reliable and conscientious. Our animals adore her and our sometimes extended travels are not disruptive to them because Whytne provides steady, loving care. She acts as a household manager for us while staying at the home by attending to the mail, deliveries, service people and other comings and goings of a busy household. She keeps the house clean and tidy while we are away, which is a feat in itself considering we have two very large rambunctious dogs and a long haired cat. Her experience working in a veterinary practice is extremely helpful as she has attended to health issues that occasionally arise and even grooms our pets when needed. In short, Whytne is a very responsible capable professional and I highly recommend her to you.

If you would like to speak to me for more information, I can be reached at **********.

Marla P. 

February 9, 2014

I am writing a reference pertaining to Critter Care Pet Services. I have extremely high expectations of what I expect from someone who is to be a part-time caretaker for my best friend, Lab Mix and who stays over at times in my home. My dog may as well be my child. I have been forced to seek daycare, evening care as well as overnight care for him as a result of my job. For several months I used the services of an unnamed professional pet sitter in the area which over a period of time began to really annoy me. She was very untidy and would leave my house a mess. After trying to make the situation work I was forced to begin interviewing other candidates as I am in need of someone reliable each and every week for several days at a time. Good money for the right candidate but stressful for me if they don't meet my needs etc. I met Whytne by chance while walking my dog in my development. Whytne seemed nice enough and I had really had it with my current sitter so we gave it a try. From day one I was floored with her terrific communication and reliability. My dog immediately took to liking her and I couldn't be happier with her services. Whytne is considerate, responsible, trustworthy and very conscientious about my dogs needs and keeping my apartment in order and as I left it. I couldn't be happier with Critter Care or say enough good things about their services!!! Critter Care allows me to not have any worries when I am working out of town as I have complete trust and confidence in Whytne's services which takes a great deal of stress out of my already stressful schedule. Thanks Whytne!!!

Alan   M. Crown Point Reserve Danbury CT

Testimonial written on 5/1/17

Samantha wrote:

I have an older German Shepard and a caique (small/medium parrot). I'd like to preface this with three things. I have never hired someone to stay in my house with my animals before. This is the first time I have ever left my parrot with anyone and three, with strangers that come in the house my parrot is the devil reincarnate (my husband and I joke that if anyone ever broke in the dog would run and hide but the parrot would chase then off) . I was planning on having Whytne housesit with my dog and board the bird. We had a very lengthy phone conversation (I asked a million questions) she said that if it made us more comfortable we could do that but asked if she could meet the parrot when she came over for the meet and greet. I agreed but again stressed that we could board the bird. I really like her so far didn't want to scare her off before she even started.
When she came over we started with my pup. Whytne asked a ton of questions that really showed me she knew what she was doing. We sat and I told her all the little quirks about my dog. The entire time my bird was three feet away on his play stand happily eating some apple. When we were finished chatting about my pup Whytne asked if she could try to hold the parrot. I said ok but go slow. I was watching for tell tail signs he would bite but they didn't come. She asked him to step up and he did. No feather ruffling, no pinning eyes. We started talking about the parrot. I told her how often he is out of his cage, what he will and will not eat, and when he goes to bed. The entire time he sat with her and let her pet him. I was blown away.
After many more phone calls (I'm kind of neurotic) we finally decided that Whytne would watch the parrot as well. When it was time for our trip I had Whytne come over as we were leaving for the airport. We went over everything one last time, I showed her where the vet and emergency clinic numbers were, and asked her to pick up the parrot. He didn't attack her and let her pet him again (I was kind of convinced it was a fluke the first time but I was wrong). As we headed to the airport I finally called to cancel his spot at the boarders.
During our trip Whytne emailed us updates daily and sent us many pictures. These really helped me to relax about leaving my babies for ten long days. And it honestly looked like they were having more fun with her than they did with us. Everything was going great, until our flight home. Our initial flight was delayed which made us miss our connecting flight. We weren't going to get home until the next morning. A full day after Whytne was supposed to leave. Naturally, I'm freaking out. I'm sure she has to be somewhere else. She is going to be so mad and never work with us again. What if she has to leave and my babies are by themselves for that long? I called a couple of people to find someone who could go and let my dog out during the time between when Whytne left and we got home. Finally, I called Whytne and told her about the flights. Her response was not what I was expecting. She said it happens all the time and asked when we needed her until. She was going to stay until we got back home. No exacerbation in her voice only concern and empathy. I freaked out for nothing!
I know this is a long post (and I actually shortened it) but I still feel like it doesn't do justice to the amazing service that Whytne provides. She took wonderful care of my animals, my home, and my sanity. She is truly amazing at what she does and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

-Samantha S. 

Oxford,  CT 

 2/6/2013 - Client since May 2011
Testimonial written on

Jeff wrote:

This Summer our little escape artist puppy managed to jump out out of the back window of my car and took off. I was devastated and imagined the worst, I called Whytne to get the numbers of the emergency vets in the area and I had just about given up hope because so much time had gone by but Whytne dropped what she was doing got in her car, joined in the search and even posted pictures online. Luckily he was found and brought to the Animal Control Officer in Kent but I was 45 minutes away and they were about to close (it was on a Sunday) and I would have had to wait until the next day to get him. Whytne happened to be minutes away because she was still out looking for him rushed over posted his bail (ha ha) and brought him back to us so we didn't have to wait! I would absolutely recommend her and can not say enough about her.

-Jeff C.
 Danbury, CT 


To Whom It May Concern: June 7, 2010

I recently employed Whytne to stay at my home and Pet Sit for nearly two weeks. She was very responsible and took exceptional care for my dog.
She was very dependable and was always there when she said she would be. She took a lot of time playing with my dog and making her very happy in our absence. She has a wonderful understanding and knowledge of animals and their needs.
I would recommend her services to anyone.

- Karen T.
Danbury, CT

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